Thoth Studio is building the first ever digital studio on the blockchain. Thoth’s native NFTs will unlock content exclusively available to Holders that include comics, animations, and novels in every format you can imagine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Thoth Studio ever have a token?


No, the Thoth Studio ecosystem will be powered by the NFTs released to unlock their series.

What series will the Thoth Original NFTs unlock?


Who can release comic series on Thoth Studio?

Token Allocations

NFT Information

Below are the NFT allocations showing you how many common, uncommon, rare, and ultra-rare NFTs are up for grabs.

Users who hold an ultra-rare NFT will be entered into a lottery to receive an amazing 3D render of Ichika from HSDG.

Common – 440 NFTs
Uncommon – 360 NFTs
Rare – 150 NFTs
Ultra-Rare – 60 NFTs

1010 NFTs available